5 Dinner Hacks to Help with Your Weight Loss

5 Dinner Hacks to Help with Your Weight Loss

If you are embarking on a weight-loss journey, but aren’t sure if heavy gym-life is the right choice for you, then focus on your diet. Though exercise is extremely important for weight loss, an improper diet can undo all the great efforts made during running, yoga, or aerobics.

Additionally, if you are someone who is looking for a little cheat-sheet, tricking your diet (and brain) is also an important part of the weight loss journey.

Even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, dinner is important when it comes to weight loss. Breakfast should never be compromised upon, as it can lead to acidity, less energy to work throughout the day, and so on. However, dinner can be moderated and adjusted to allow for less calorie intake in your daily diet.

Here are some life-hacks (dinner hacks) to help you achieve your weight and diet goals without starvation.

Timing the dinner
Most experts believe that the earlier you eat, the better it is for your health. Most people with diets consulted by nutritionists and experts are advised not to consume any carbohydrate after 7 PM. Make it a habit to eat at least 3-4 hours before going to bed and make a strict rule against post-dinner snacking.

Trick your brain
Your brain often has a disconnect with the stomach and might encourage you to keep on eating even when you don’t need any more food. A few ways trick your brain into believing you have eaten more is to use small plates (it will look fuller even with smaller portions) and using larger forks.

Long-lasting meals
Eat foods that take longer to digest. They will release the sugar slowly into your bloodstream, and keep the hunger pangs at bay. Unrefined carbohydrates and rich in protein foods take longer to digest. Include recipes made with lentils, cheese, etc in your dinner meals to feel full until you fall asleep without needing a midnight snack.

Focus on the food
Many studies have shown that eating dinner while watching a show makes you eat for longer. The longer you eat, waiting for the next twist on Netflix, the more calories you consume. The solution? Eat without watching anything, maybe put some light music in the background.

Eat in-between meals
If you starve yourself from lunch till dinner, chances are you will end up eating a lot more on account of the hunger. So take light, healthy snacks in the evening and keep the dinner calorie within a limit.